Our Story

Helava Homeware is a family owned and run business operating in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand. We specialise in New Zealand made culturally  styled homeware and accessories for all ages.

Meet the Team

Maria Koleti Haufano aka Mum
Maria was born in Samoa to .........brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the sewing industry. She has dedicated over 20 years developing and perfecting her craft. She has an eye for detail and quality in all aspects of her work. 
Sandra Haufano
Sandra was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand to Lee and Grey Renata. Sandra loves to be creative and enjoy being part of product development. In addition, Sandra also takes care of the daily management of the business. 
Pasitaua haufano
Pasi was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand to Maria and Sione Haufano. Pasi has a passion for sales and marketing. 
The Kids
The most important job of all is reserved for "The Kids". "The Kids" are experienced in product quality testing.  They know how to test all aspects of the product to ensure the product will last for years. Rest assured the are the reason why this product is built to last. 
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